Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Make My Dogs Stool Harder Anal Gland Problems, Very Confused?

Anal gland problems, very confused? - how to make my dogs stool harder

My cocker spaniel suffering from anal gland problems. It smells very bad feeling. So I put on a diet to Orijen as grains anal gland problems seem to be aggravated, but I was empty a week ago and tonight was even quicker! Previously it was only a month. I took her to the vets, but not sure of 23 pounds and all this week for the rest of his life. We encourage you to add sound to your diet, not sure what's good? What is most confusing to the investigation seems to affect dogs with soft stool, and it is big and hard feces produces 95% of normal time and immediately after meals. I also felt the ass on her swollen glands and are found to be a problem, but IBasset Hound, and one is still loose, irregular glands and feel very comfortable and easy to find, but it does not slip and bite your ass, there is a problem (ie not suffer reading for anal gland problems, except for my Basset Hound Cocker). I am confused and do not know what I convince him not to be able to do a problem per week. I've heard, sound by doses can pumpkin or Metamucil now even more than it is today. Please can you advise what is best to start with dry food Nutro.

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